A second home means the vacation never has to end.

When you are ready to make your second home dream a reality, we can get you there.

Your second home is waiting.

Where have you been dreaming to call home? Are you looking for an ocean front view, a place to ski, or something adjacent to the green? Whatever your dream, your second home is a special place, with special home finance considerations. Let’s get you there.

Second homes have unique financial and lending requirements.

Second homes will have special considerations for financial and lending requirements. We can help you determine the affordability of a vacation home, and guide you through the specific lending requirements that are needed for your second home.

With our large selection of loan options available, we can find the perfect financing for the other home you have been dreaming of. We can tell you the requirements necessary to make your vacation home a reality.

Things To Consider

Will you rent your second home when not in use?

If you plan on renting out your vacation home when you aren't staying in it, a lender may view it as an investment property rather than a second home. Lending requirements may be different for investments than vacation homes. We can show you the difference.

How far away is it from your primary home?

Vacation and second homes have unique lending stipulations, like how far away your second home can be from your primary residence. With so many different loan options and requirements for a second home, we can help you decide what program is well suited for the specific property you are looking at.

Who else will live in the home?

Your second home may be occupied by family or friends, but to be a true second home you cannot collect any rents. We can help you distinguish between second home and investment home lending requirements in order to find the loan which matches your goals.